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Originally Posted by Olderwoman View Post
I read that book too, and I think a polyamorus relationship was vaguely hinted at, even in other accounts of the story.

This is the way I would have written it. Guinevere loves both men and King Aurthur is actually gay and loves Sir Lancelot more than the woman, who is really just a good friend. He is more of a father figure to her. Lancelot develops a deep love for both the King and Guinevere. This triangle is complicated and dramatic because there is jealousy involved and secrecy.

For a happy ending Lancelot impregnates Guinevere and they pretend the son is the offspring of the King. He inherits the crown and becomes a flaming gay King in tights and redecorates the palace.
LMAO - that is awesome

I remember the version i first read of the Arthurian legend actually had Guinevere, Lancelot and Arthur in a poly style configuration. Arthur deferred to Guinevere's love and need for Lancelot (though she continued to sleep and (I assume) have 'relations' with Arthur). The situation was discovered by Arthurs illegitimate son and because of the laws of the nation Arthur was forced to sentence Guinevere to death for 'high treason' and banish Lancelot from the realm. Lancelot rescued Guinevere from the flames and she was sent to a convent to live out her remaining days, Lancelot then aquiesced to his banishment... and Arthurs downfall proceeded. (extremely basic synopsis of plot)

Unfortunately I do not remember the title nor the author. If anyone else has read this version and does remember - could they let me know? as I would like to get a copy again.
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