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Originally Posted by MonoVCPHG View Post
HAHHHAA!!! Redpepper just walked in and I was like "At first I didn't get the whole Nee-etz thing but when you mentioned Dee-cart and I figured out it was about artists".

Apparently philosophy and art were both not part of my education LOL!

In my defence she came in as I was doing a cool rift from Mr Brownstone and told her not to interupt the GNR to which she said "What's G and R?"

We are so beautifully different
REDPEPPER!! *mock shock* YOU don't know who G'n'R are? oh.... you are missing out


@Mono - love the band, enjoy Velvet Revolver too...

LOL now back to awesome Mono type people as role models...

I can't remember if I already 'voted' but Mono and Indigo (by default I know )... um um that's all I can remember as specifically mono type people right now (having a ditzy day) but most of the guys who are posting on here are doing well - in my eyes anyway... just attempting to deal makes you all positive role models

Edit: My definition of 'Guys' = a group in general - people, not solely of the male persuasion
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