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Originally Posted by greenearthal View Post
Ha. I've just recently read Mists of Avalon. The Arthurian Legend would certainly be a VERY different story with an explicitly polyamorous plot twist. I remember watching Excalibur dozens of times in my teens, but I don't really remember the particulars about the film anymore.

(edit: I just YouTubed a bit of it. Fun times.)
I read that book too, and I think a polyamorus relationship was vaguely hinted at, even in other accounts of the story.

This is the way I would have written it. Guinevere loves both men and King Aurthur is actually gay and loves Sir Lancelot more than the woman, who is really just a good friend. He is more of a father figure to her. Lancelot develops a deep love for both the King and Guinevere. This triangle is complicated and dramatic because there is jealousy involved and secrecy.

For a happy ending Lancelot impregnates Guinevere and they pretend the son is the offspring of the King. He inherits the crown and becomes a flaming gay King in tights and redecorates the palace.
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