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Originally Posted by zinc View Post
And I still have this general feeling of "why am I inadequate?", not as it relates to her wanting "new sexual experiences", but to why it has to be a full blown romantic affair.
you aren't inadequate at all. She just knows that for her sex is about connection, emotion, bonding, depth and not just getting off and fun times... there is nothing wrong with either, but she seems to be sure that if she has something casual that it will likely not be for her. She prefers the whole meal deal. I can relate, I am the same way and know it for certain. That doesn't mean that I love any of my partners less or enjoy them any less than the other, just that I need to respect myself and what works for me.

There is a lot written on here about the difference between different types of sex. I suggest doing a search in the stickies and a tag search for the topic, among others that interest you... there is a lot of good stuff on here... have a look. Oh ya, look in golden nuggests too!
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