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Default Words are free...

I didn't invent these words, I just use 'em.

If I ever publish anything, and I intend to do so, I will GIVE you a copy...I'll even pay postage.

Smiling. From what I understand, it's healthy. For very selfish reasons, I like to make other people smile. Makes the room brighter. I choose this consciously as a way to move in the world. As Stuart Wilde so eloquently put it, "You pays your money, and you makes your choice."

Last time I looked, Webster's Dictionary was a reference book. As any philosophy student will tell you, in order for more than one person have a productive discussion, there must be agreement about the definitions implied by the words we choose. I know that Rarechild and Catfish live by many, if not all, of the same definitions of trust, love, respect, honesty, blah blah blah, that I do; however, I cannot assume that. In accepting accountability to their two big giant hearts, I also had to accept the responsibility of being clear, articulate, and abundant in my communication.
I have a propensity to draw connections between seemingly disparate experiences and events in my life and I am inclined, as many artists are, to be metaphorical when I communicate. While this is mature and magical, it is not always the most efficient way to communicate. Cut the flowery, glowing bullshit and just say it, let's get down to it. Even when I think I know what is meant, I try to remember to ask anyway. Assume nothing. Say what you mean, mean what you say.

When Rarechild, my blessed friend, opened her heart to me, offering to me her love in a new evolution, I was stunned. When Catfish, my blessed friend, opened his heart to me, offering to share his wife's love, I was staggered. Their communication is what made the departure on this journey possible. That they continue to do the work is stunning. They are beautiful to behold, separately or together...

...and I would take a bullet to the head for either one of them.

What I have been offered is this: I(We) want to share my(our) life with you.

Well, shut me up. How big is your heart?

I tend not to take any commitment lightly. Anything worth doing is worth doing right. Get ready for conversations full of grit and gristle, vibrant with vigor.

I had to look Catfish in the eye, as a man, to know that he meant what I thought he meant.

Never forget this: To be loved, by yourself or someone else, right here and now, for who and what you are, is a fucking gift. It deserves a "Please" and "Thank You" for every moment. Anything that cannot be given freely and willingly is commerce, and it has no place in any personal relationship. If you have holes in your heart, fill them in yourself. Never give someone you love a broken gift. Ever.

And never accept one either.

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