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Originally Posted by FlameKat View Post
Olderwoman, since you brought up your private messages -

you stated quite clearly you would only apologse for offense if you had intended to offend, or if you realised you had been offensive.
TRUE. I also stated that I would not apologize unless I was truly sorry. That would be a phony and dishonest statement for the sake of politeness or manipulation.

I find both those statements by you to be untrue given the fact that if you intended to offend - you wouldn't be sorry about it...
That is an assumption.
(How would you know of any such fact about how I might act or feel?)

People have done things intentionally that they later sincerely and deeply regretted. (I know I have.) My statements were not "untrue." (Of course it is your choice to believe or disbelieve anything you want, and I have no problem with that.)

...If you realised it - you were told by a number of people you were being offensive, and how... you ignored them and defended your position... what you said largely wasn't the problem - the delivery was.
Had I "ignored them" we would not still be having this conversation. I have no need to defend my position, I just refused to agree with and own their (and your) perceptions of me.

Besides everyone has a right to their opinions, but that does not mean I am obligated to agree with them, (that I was "being offensive.")

I will defend anyone's right to be offended by anything they chose, as long as they don't point the finger at the source and place the blame there. Just because they were offended by something this does not convict me of "being offensive."

Do you believe people should take responsibility for their own reactions? If I were to kill someone in a rage do you think I could get away with it by claiming that they are at fault because "they made me angry"?

Being told by a "number of people" that I am ugly does not make it so and does not mean I should then go around believing I am ugly.

Also, what might offend one person may not offend another.

As I have said before, I believe that people should take responsibility for their own reactions and feelings. I hope this clarifies "my position."
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