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Question Communication on date nights?

So I was wondering for those who go out and date do you let your main partner know where you are going when you will be back etc.?

I am just curious cause when I go out I try to update as much as I can I will send a text saying I am having a good time and I should be home soon. My partner doesn't. Tonight we ended up arguing over it. He said he didn't know when he was going to be back or where he was going. I have never met this person though they have been on a few dates already. But I do not know who this person is so I expressed how I would just like to know some sorta info in case I need to worry!!

Another thing I was kinda ticked off about was it was last minute and sprung on me. We both have to be up early in the morning for work/school etc. I also live in a nasty neighborhood he said he didn't know when he was going to be back so I told him well When I go to bed I am locking the door. If you are not back by then oh well.

maybe I handled it wrong. I do not know. Any advice?
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