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It, as usual honey, is an amazing expression of how you feel.

Step by step, we will get to wherever this path leads us. As long as we are both flexible and willing, and I know we are Our strength lays in just how much we do love each other... and our belief that the love we share is worth every battle, every drama, every last drop of effort to protect, while at the same time creating that safe place for us both to truly discover who we are, and to celebrate each other as whole people.

There were a few points you made that we will need to discuss... not necessarily because I disagree per se, but simply that we need further discussion for me to understand fully. I will need time to figure out exactly what they are, as right now after reading - there is simply a vague dis-ease, I will have to go over it with a fine tooth comb before I spot what really bothers me.

LOL - I will stop before I start rambling

Thank you so much sweetheart, I know this was beyond difficult to put yourself out here in public, and as always... your written word has helped me immeasurably...
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