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OlderWoman, many of the things you wondered about could have been answered in advance by reading what has already been written on this forum. This may come as a surprise to you, but this forum has existed for two years already without you, and questions such as whether there are married couples in outside long-term committed poly relationships, whether or not this place is a "bunch of teeny-boppers looking to get laid", and so forth, have been covered extensively.

One of my pet peeves on forums is when people come across as though they are not interested in reading what other people have already written, but expect everyone else to fully digest and process what THEY have written just because they decided to join a forum out of the blue. That is how you have come across to me so far. I am not jumping to conclusions out of nowhere because I have read your posts thoroughly and there is no way you would be asking certain things had you spent some time reading older threads and searching on areas that are of interest to you.

Having said that, you seem to have managed to charm some of the people here in spite of yourself.
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