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Originally Posted by Polymonial View Post
The only problem now is that I'm getting such a "glow" from all this love and NRE that I'm starting to project it on others around me. I want to be close to everyone... not the sexual sense, but emotionally and personally intimate. I'm a relatively introverted guy that wants to break free, meet lots of new people, and share this glow with everyone. Eeps!

In other words, before all this, my mono defenses would raise whenever I'm feeling love for someone, and all my attentions/affections/emotions would be focused on that one person. But now that I'm not feeling so mono anymore, that defense isn't coming up and all of this NRE love that I'm feeling for my wife is spilling over to those around me, and I'm (artificially) feeling NRE for them as well. It's a bit scary, like I'm a vulnerable to artificially falling for someone else as well during this time.
I totally understand. My situation is a bit different, but since I have changed my outlook on life, marriage, love, etc. and been able to open myself up to seeing poly as an acceptable and doable lifestyle option, I have been able to feel a deeper love for my husband. I think alot of it is that while I'm not really a jealous person, I thought I should feel jealous of certain things. I made an effort to learn how to discuss the real issues with him.

We have spent alot of time trying to figure out where are problems lie and what be BOTH need to do to fix them. This has brought us closer and it has also opened my eyes up to some things about myself. It is overwhelming to all of a sudden realize that the reasons for some of our walls and distance from others is now gone and probably shouldn't have been there in the first place.
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