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Originally Posted by LovingRadiance View Post
I think I was being "more than fair" and I think I was compromising myself.
I've done a LOT of thinking and considering as I read everyone's responses.

One thing I did decide is that I'm rescinding my agreement to use our room. After much consideration I've concluded that having a personal space of your own is a privilege that is earned through hard work, time and effort. If they need a place of their own (which is perfectly reasonable) then they need to put that hard work, time and effort in together.
I already put my hard work, time and effort in with Maca to earn our personal space and I already put my hard work, time and effort in with GG to earn our personal space as well.

Hopefully that decision doesn't erupt into a war. But even if it isn't taken well-I've decided that it's a hardline boundary for me and therefore non-negotiable.
Good for you. I agree that that is important.
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