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Blimey has it been this long? I've been so busy at work, moving house and catching various viruses that I've hardly been online.

A has met someone and is in a (mono) relationship now. That hurt, but he'd been quiet for a month or two due to work stress and finding somewhere to live that I feel we were drifting apart a little anyway. And, while this may sound harsh, A himself pointed out that his ability to maintain relationships for more than a few months is pretty crap so he may become available again soon. If this person does turn out to be 'the one' then that will hurt; but I'm trying not to think about that right now.

E and I have become closer: we see each other every few weeks to visit galleries, have lunch and some kisses and cuddles. His ex has reared her head a few times but he's fed up with her f**king him about and isn't going to put up with her anymore. I'm really glad because she's bad news. He has yet to get tested but he is going to: I've made it very clear that I don't want to do anything physical until he's been tested, and he's fine with that. I feel like we're getting closer emotionally which is lovely

Mr FA has had a few dates with S, and while she's still getting her head around a few things she's very interested. S and I get along well which is cool. I had a bit of a wobble last week when he saw her at ours (I went out with E for the day and he helped me through, which was lovely of him) and we're taking both of our respective other partnerships slowly.

All in all it's going pretty well, I just wish I had A in the mix too
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