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Originally Posted by Mohegan View Post
My brother is probably the only one who knows those rings better than Karma.
Damn if that line didn't ring true.

My "baby brother" is 21 months younger than I. Of 6 siblings, he's the only one who is "fully blood" to me. The rest are half or step. He and I are "like peas and carrots" as they say in Forrest Gump.

He knows many of my "secrets" because they are also his. We often joke about being twins who our "parents" kidnapped and lied to the world about our birthdays as a cover up!
We're just uncommonly similar in ways that you wouldn't expect, especially since after I turned 13, we spent much of our time in different households (due to divorce).

It's not that I'm unfriendly. In fact I'm so much friendlier and more outgoing than most people I know and Maca especially. It's just that being friendly doesn't automatically equate to sharing my deepest, darkest secrets with someone. Whereas for Maca, if he bothers to be friendly, he's probably going to let you in 2/3 of the way.
Course he never lets anyone deeper than that. So while there are a few people who can get in deep with me, but takes more time; with him if you get in at all, you're most of the way there for certain but you'll never get any further......
"Love As Thou Wilt"
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