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********Originally Posted by Olderwoman
I do want to be honest and genuine. I don't want to walk on eggs or be subject to being expected to be "dishonestly polite."

Again, I am not angry. (Brutally honest maybe, and a bit sarcastic.)

************************************************** ***

Hey Olderwoman,

Sheeshhhhhh - you are in deep already just by picking a member name - you got ageism (Older) and sexism (woman) all wrapped up in one package !



I also remember reading a defensive comment you made in some post earlier but didn't have time to reply. Something to the effect of being 'too old' for this place etc.

The one thing most of us here really are proud of and appreciate is the fact that we have about every age and walk of life present here. And that's REALLY important ! It helps most of us improve our understanding of the variety of perspectives all these varied people can come from. If you allow it - it's a very bonding experience.

You have your own style, people will learn to understand it and appreciate it. Just be honest and clear. I think it's more dangerous to cloud things by trying to sugar coat them and end up losing the actual meaning.

If someone attacks you (rare) - just let it slide and don't acknowledge it. Like a bee - if you just ignore it it will usually move on.

We welcome your participation !

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