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Originally Posted by NeonKaos View Post
This. When I tell some people that we'd agreed we can both see other people, the reaction from some of them is along the lines of "That's great! When can I do you?".

This. I have a friend from high school whose going through a divorce and knows I'm poly. He quotes the open and honest communication thing and then practically begs to get in my pants and since I've said no he assumes that I'm seeing someone else (I am but its not any of his business) and since I won't tell him who it is (again none of his business) he assumes its someone he knows and therefore needs to prove to me that he's better, more powerful, whatever than them. Wolf and Wendigo had a good laugh at this, but we've also stopped letting him drink at our house because he thinks that since I'm poly I won't mind if he sticks his hand in places it doesn't belong and that Wolf will be okay with it.
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