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LR- I see nothing wrong with what you said or how you said it. Actualy I find a lot of myself in what you wrote. Very few people know the real me. I am for the most part an open book, but to really get into that tree trunk and see those inner rings, it takes a lot of time and effort. Karma and I have been together 8 yrs and there are still parts he doesn't know about/hasn't seen. becuase there is a lot I jsut keep to myself. My brother is probably the only one who knows those rings better than Karma. so yeah. Two people in my 27 yrs of life have gotten even a glimpse of all that I hold private.

Karma and I have a rule that NO one shares our room without both of being there. Our room is our place. I'd not give up my room for anyone. Sorry just won't. If KArma and Cricket ever get back to that point they know they have to find somewhere else. Harsh to say-but not my problem. I wouldn't bring someone back here and expect Karma to give up the bed for some new guy.

I'm kinda concerned about her desire to be so included so quickly. And her being upset over what you wrote.

For us, the happy healthy sane rule goes for all of us. If I'm not happy healthy sane, because of boundry being pushed, then it gets addressed, just as it would if I were pushing their boundries.

I hope it all works out for you guys, but it has me worried.

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