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Default Generalizations, Good or Evil?

I am trying to better understand the rules, guidelines (and people) in this forum. I would like to be frank and honest and express myself freely but I'm thinking that may not be possible without getting negative reactions and unintentionally offending people.

In order not to "infest" another thread by being off topic I wanted to respond to this post separately here on the subject of generalizations, impressions, being reactive etc.

While I notice that guidelines for using four letter words such as "fuck" etc. in the proper context, is permitted, I am finding that some people are sensitive to mild generalizations and sarcasm and have taken my statements as a personal offense.

In my defense, yes, I am a newbie and you don't know me and I don't know you.

I do want to be honest and genuine. I don't want to walk on eggs or be subject to being expected to be "dishonestly polite."

If not, I will commence to warn when I am "joking" or being sarcastic with open and close tags like:

<warning sarcasm here>
</end of sarcasm>

If that will help. (see example below.)

Originally Posted by nycindie View Post
Olderwoman, I would suggest you read these forums a little more extensively. Your comment was reactionary and judgmental.
Yes, perhaps it was.

<official excuse>
Of course I was still licking my wounds from being attacked and judged yesterday for my own "offensive" generalized statement about my "being a woman......"

The sentiment that "women don't want to share" is a commonly found one in poly circles, I have learned.
So are you saying that it is a common polyamorous sentiment that women don't want to share; or have you accepted it as truth because it is "common" and repeatedly stated?

hmmmm.... This is getting interesting.
(I am now remembering something I read yesterday about the power of words and honesty last night........ but then I digress.)
</ end of thought>

I'm a feminist, but don't see the value in jumping on someone for making a generalization about women that also happens to be predominantly true within a certain culture.
I say the following in good fun, so please don't take offense:........

<in good fun>
Gee, where were you yesterday when I was jumped on like raw meat in a pool of piranhas for my own offensive generalization concerning women? I sure could have used your vigorous support then! LOL
</end of fun>

side note: what "certain culture" are you making reference to above?

Keep reading, and may I also suggest that you examine how your anger is infecting every post you have made in every thread thus far.
Infecting every post? Am I to understand that you have read all of my posts thus far?

I am indeed reading these forums and enjoying them very much!

Again, I am not angry. (Brutally honest maybe, and a bit sarcastic.)

<thinking to myself here:>
I suppose I could have followed the example of others and complained that I found the remark "sexist" and "offensive" but that would have been dishonest.
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