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Default some advice needed

I was reading other posts, and was impressed on how many similarities are on peoples experiences, some sound so familiar, you are left wondering if is not your own story I'm new to this and as any newbie I'm scared of making mistakes that would hurt those I care for.

What brings me looking for advice is my difficulty on handling how our relationship is now. My boyfriend and wife have been together many years, and started on this just as me, or because of me. But him and I betrayed her trust at the beginning on a single occasion. We all have past trough many situations since then, and have found understanding and forgiveness, but I feel that's something that would haunt me always.

Right now I feel like I can not complain about how it makes me feel that all the times we are together she has to be part of it, when they do get to have time for only them. We try to communicate all the time, but I feel I will have no real say in the matter.

I feel very deeply for him, but I can not help having doubts. Perhaps it's just that I'm not cut out to this sort of relationship?

Any advice would be very welcomed.

Thanks * Lory
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