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Had a talk with B today and it looks like we are still going to play the waiting game, for now.
Although B said he/she is running out of energy (he/she breaks up into tears almost every time we talk about this) which will lead to something soon. It is rather scary to go through the worst-case scenarios in my head, I have to admit that.

I did suggest to B that I could talk to his/her partner about what we have been talking about in this thread earlier but B thought it would simply lock her up even worse. Hard to say if that would happen but B knows her better than I do.
But after all this waiting to do even more waiting is not a fun idea, at some point I will crack and I suppose then the verbal floodgates will open no matter what. And on top of that my other loved one is not very happy at this situation as it's breaking me up, so that will also force me to do something soon.

What B thought would help is if they would live in different apartments for a while (they moved together after only 4 months and have been living together since, so nearly four years) as it might put certain things in a different light and perspective, but that is financially just impossible right now for them so that's hardly an option. So, we just wait until someone explodes.

Fun times ahead.
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