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Originally Posted by NeonKaos View Post
Why would someone try to wear someone else's shoes in the first place? First of all, it's gross, and second, most people have their own shoes. It would be extremely bizarre for anyone, let alone maca's girlfriend to try to wear your shoes. I don't think you have anything to worry about there.

Also, if he takes off his wedding band, why would he let her wear it? Why would she WANT to wear HIS wedding band. That is just weird. It doesn't even make sense. It probably wouldn't even fit a woman.

These are extremely odd things to be concerned about.
Neon, I wasn't concerned and I didn't say them to her.
His rings fit me..... In fact I'm wearing them right now. He burnt himself when the electricity arc'd yesterday while he was working on my stepdad's truck. So he took them off and gave them to me.

His shoes fit me, he and I often wear each others shoes.
Furthermore-as I said, my mom wore my shoes all of the time when I lived with her, drove me nuts.

I have LOTS of shoes and she would grab a pair of dress shoes that went with an outfit she was wearing and go out. But then she wouldn't be careful about where she walked, and bring them back covered in mud or whatever.

Furthermore, my friend Creole and I wear the same size shoes and there have been many times that we've borrowed a pair of dress shoes or boots from each other for a special date.

As for the oddity of these requests, it wasn't so much that I thought she would do these things, it's that WE do and I needed HIM to understand that just because he and I do it with one another doesn't mean that because he falls in love with her she gets the privilege as well.
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