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What I was trying to say before when I said I didn't want to reveal certain things about myself yet, what that basically was was that I don't really like people all that much and I just wish they would mind their own business and stay out of mine.

I have said that before, but I was in a bullshitty mood this morning because of something I read on Fakebook (which is also my problem and not the person who posted it's problem.

There is no real insight to be had from my comment regarding the OP. But, it does color my attitude when responding to stories about how other people react to something. This board is supposed to be about support, understanding, and acceptance, and I am afraid of crossing the line into cynicism and negativity and making enemies or getting kicked off, but on the other hand, I'm not really afraid of that and it wouldn't surprise me at all. Except I haven't pissed anyone off so far.

Sorry about the detour. I return you to the scheduled programming.
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