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Hey guys, I really appreciate your thoughts on this, I think I do find the whole thing uncomfortable because I do feel that way about her and because it's different from what I percieve to be a relationship, I find it hard to deal with. I guess it's really got me questioning what love is and the different forms it takes.
I am a very openminded person but this is really challenging me. You are all right, we need to talk about it but its a very difficult subject to start, there is definately something real there, the more I think about it the more obvious it is. The constant looks into each others eyes, the playfighting and just how easy it is to spend time together and natural we are together!
I need to bite the bullet and talk to her about it, her friend says she's going to mention it in passing to see her reaction.
This forum is a great resourse and helpful for people who can question without judging, thanks
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