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Originally Posted by AutumnalTone View Post
Shoot, I wish that were the case. I am, however, old, fat, and cranky. So, while the idea of a harem at my beck and call is enticing, it is so far removed from even being a possibility that I find the notion ludicrous. I have to wonder how anybody could gaze upon, magnificence that is me and think such wonderful decadence would involve me.

<sigh> Babes wearing barely anything. Fruit and chocolate to munch on. Cozy piles of pillows and blankets. Bottles of mead and champagne freely flowing. Oh, it would be so good....
I can totally picture you with a harem. IN the olden days of the Roman Empire, being fat meant you were a man of means and if you could afford to sit around and eat, you could afford to keep attractive women at your beck and call, either slave-girls or elite courtesans. I realize this isn't the same as a polyamorous harem, but being fat doesn't mean you can't be DECADENT.
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