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Default I say "BOO" to shaving

Originally Posted by TL4everu2 View Post
. My wife said she didn't like it anyway. She said it made me look like I was a really well hung 12 year old, and it was too weird. LOL
This is EXACTLY how I feel too. Real men are just meant to be hairy, IMHO. Shaved chests, groins, etc, just doesn't look manly to me. I understand "naturally" smooth, sure, but if you're blessed with a hot hairy chest, don't ruin it.

From what I understand, a lot of guys do it because they like oral from their women. This helps to keep the pubic hairs out of the womans mouth.
Well, yeah, there's a middle ground here. I'm all for trimming down there. For's necessary if things are a bit, um, bushy. LOL Good ol' clippers with a guard set at #2 or 3 setting is all one really needs! Anything more than that is just unneeded in my view.
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