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Originally Posted by ray View Post
And therefore saying you have issues with people acting impulsively?
Yes I don't like people acting on impulse when it comes to such things.

Originally Posted by ray View Post
I can understand that but when you say that you don't want to waste your energy on talking to some one who doesn't understand their feelings I find that to be off-putting. Feelings can be hard to understand sometimes and I know sometimes I can use help sorting them out. Perhaps I misunderstand you.
If someone comes to me with "I want to talk about something I'm feeling" then that is a different thing than "I feel this way so I want you to do blah" with no explanation.

Basically I don't like people reaching conclusions based on crappy ideas or feelings they haven't processed, if they want help to reach a conclusion then I'll do my best. I do enjoy hearing about how people did process things themselves and came to certain conclusions.

"I felt like this when I saw you do X with Jane, but after I thought about it I realize Y".
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