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Question Maybe Poly? HELP

Hi all
i am new and this is my first post. 6 weeks ago i re-met a man from my past. The chemistry is still very much there. We live far apart but talk, IM, cam everyday. I have very quickly fallen in love. The issue? This man has a dream of a Poly household. He has dated more than 1 woman at a time before. He lives with another woman right now. He wants to end it with her and can see me in his future but wanted to make clear, he would also welcome another. i have NEVER even thought of this. i was married for 12 years and am divorced.
i do love this man. i am flying out to be with him for 8 days. i am just so confused. i have no idea how to do this? i get so very jealous thinking of him with another woman.
i guess i am just looking for advice, or any other comments people with experiences have had?
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