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Originally Posted by ray View Post
Gosh, they really just need to build houses for poly people with a metamour chamber. With an option for sound proof walls. ...............
but I keep trying to explain to him that I can't just meet some guy and go for it. There's a whole process that needs to happen first and I can't force it. I'm glad I'm not the only one that moves like a snail.
They should!!!

As it is, we already have myself, Maca (my husband), GG (my boyfriend), Mimi (my sister), Spicy Pea (oldest daughter whose prego), Salty Pea (14 yo son), Split Pea (13 yo Godson-here part time), Sweet Pea (10 yo son) and Sour Pea (3 yo daughter) in the house. It's a 4 bedroom house. We added another room on-that doesn't have a closet, that's where GG is.
But, the oldest boys are in a curtained off area of the downstairs.

So there isn't even an extra room we could convert to a bedroom. Theoretically the garage, but as of the moment it has no heat AND it's FULL of stored things-stacked across the whole floor!

We need to buy a 4 plex of 3 bedroom units to convert.
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