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LR, I find it interesting that you thought it necessary to write such a long explanation of why you feel the way you do about Maca's actions. As if there's something weird about your reaction that needs explaining. The fact of the matter is that Maca has again done something that made you uncomfortable. I read your other recent post where you and Maca both shared how he is now rethinking all the restrictions and limitations he placed on you and GG -- and I only hope that he doesn't take it all back if/when this new fling of his goes into the crapper. Personally, I don't know how you ever put up with all that shit, to not be able to express your love and affection for GG in the smallest ways, for fear of a backlash from Maca. I hope for you that you stand up for yourself and what you want from now on -- which might mean requesting Maca take his new love to a motel -- and don't ever let it slide back into that crap again. I mean, I know you love him, but your situation has confounded me whenever I read about it. I say, take this new development as an opportunity to expand on your relationship with GG and the ways in which you can express it, to feel free to be who you are whether Maca's around or not. I know I'm being blunt and it's just my opinion, but I hope it's helpful in some way. (((HUGS)))
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