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I didn't realize how enigmatic that must have sounded.

I will probably say something soon, I just have to let it stew for a bit.

It isn't a tongue-lashing (although I'd tongue-lash you any day of the week ) that I have to say, but it's more along the kinds of things Mono says when he talks about his personal hang-ups and shit. It really isn't as bad as I made it sound, it's more like I wonder what folks will think of me if I were to say certain things. I'll have to read your original post again.

But I do have this for you:

What if, instead of your happiness (which is not a tangible thing), these people were jealous or envious of your great body, which you spend X number of hours in the gym and deprive yourself of yummy snacks to maintain?

I'm not saying that is the case (although your body looks just fine to me), but it IS a tangible thing, and would it be any different to you if they were jealous of that?
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