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I would gladly nominate Trucker Pete's hubby as an excellent role model for a mono....but it looks as though he's crossing over LOL!

I consider our tribe to be a relationship success more than it is a "poly or mono/poly" success.

I think the best example of a successful mono in a poly relationship would be a person who has:

1. effectively embraced their partner's pursuit and aquiring of others regardless of gender (cuts me out right there ...Derby, I love you but if you were a guy...bring it sister!...errr get my point)

2. has been supportive with eyes wide open (no DADT)

3. is not "stuck" in the relationship due to financial or family reasons (kids, house, retirement) No co-dependency.

4. some one who does not hold anything back and will commit completely to their poly partner.

5. someone who is consistantly healthy and happy...for real. No meds to deal with the relationship etc.

I think TP's husband is the closest thing I've come across on here or in person.

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