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Originally Posted by whatamIdoing View Post
I understand where you are...

I love B with my heart and soul but thankfully for us I could never lie to him... we were swingers before J came into our life... and I was open and honest with B from day one about "wanting to do J"... and B always said go for it.

It was almost a joke... but then it started happening and J and I have developed a deep bond... and we are friends... I have spent time alone with him with B's knowledge and consent... this is KILLING B and we have had discussion upon discussion about this... BUT I NEVER CONSIDERED LYING TO him.

I want to direct your attention to your statement: "B always said go for it.."

If Be did not MEAN it, B should not have said it. Perhaps B needs to deal with the feelings and growth that comes with being poly.

I don't think you should waste energy feeling so bad for B or let yourself be so manipulated by B with these guilt trips. Remember B said "GO FOR IT." So if I were in your position, I would take the advice and "go for it".... and stop letting B manipulate the situation.

I apologize for getting off the topic of the OP in this thread.
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