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Originally Posted by flakey View Post
Im no don juan who gets all the girls, not the macho tough protective guy that girls normally want... So to find someone else, and on top of it, someone who is open like this, is gonna be tough... You guys think I stand a chance?
Don't sell yourself short my friend. I would totally go for a guy like you. I like your "love them and set them free" nature and that you are able to keep your fidelity and not cheat. You sound very patient, loving and empathetic to your woman's needs. Nope, you would be a great catch!

I am much like your wife in that I was very jealous and protective of my husband. I love him dearly and know he is a great catch in a number of ways.... all of the ones that make you a great catch in fact. He has been very patient, yet persistent to the point where I have to tell him to "get out of here and enjoy yourself, I'm fine!" He thinks I am still struggling, which is better than assuming I'm not!

What worked for me was to hear over and over again what he needs from me and to be reassured over and over again that he is not going to leave and that he loves me and I am his number one. Most of all, why he feels like that. It took years and I still go through some doubts sometimes.... obviously he REALLY loves me or he wouldn't keep at it.

Keep at it, don't stop telling her what you need, even if you think she will break. It is very important to let her go in her jealousy and let her feel it, because there is an end to it and it does lesson. I let myself be in it, swim around in it's murky depths and allowed myself to feel it cover me like oil... it was terrible and very uncomfortable, but worth it in the end.... if she loves you then she will do the same I reckon.

Perhaps she should take a look on here and find some others to have this in common with?
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