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Default confused about a relationship

Hi all, I'll be honest. I didn't know what this meant until I googled it! Here's my story, I moved to a new country over a year ago and was invited to live with my friend and his wife who I didn't know. I thought it was going to be strange but it wasn't at all. We all got on great and they invited me to go places with them and all good. My friend works away for months at a time and he was glad I was there to keep his wife company, who had become one of my best friends! When he is away we spend all our time together, out to dinner, walk dog, out to movies etc. But we have got really close and she does things that I find strange, I have been renovating their house and she'll order materials for me to pick up and say I'm her husband, she does it all the time. Even infront of my mate when he's home. She even said in passing that I wad her non sexual life partner!! Now none of us have talked about this situation but I find it hard to deal with. She is not a physical person even with my friend. I talked to her friend about it because she has noticed it and says we're always flirting with one another and says we're a better couple! I moved out and she was really upset about it and has tried to get me to move back in, even getting my friend to suggest it also. I am very confused about the relationship and looking for advice. Thanks
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