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Originally Posted by UntamedHottie View Post
I didnt come on here to discuss my sex is beautiful thing and I love it, just not getting enough....I came on here to find out how one allows the one you totally love to go off with another and do the same thing he does to you. When Im with him its all wonderful, he makes me feel like a queen but when he is away from me I feel like Im being treated with crap and ignored....
What DO you expect from him when he is "away" from you? Do you expect him to be texting you every five minutes just so you don't "feel treated like crap and ignored"?

I would suggest that when he's away from you, you find something else worthwhile to occupy your mind so that your imagination stops running wild with counter-productive thoughts.

You knew he was non-monogamous when you fell for him, did you not?
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