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Originally Posted by Magdlyn View Post
Lovely sexy dream! However, being poly is not just about making love. Wish it was sometimes. But it's also about work, compersion for your partner's other lovers, and hurt feelings, and doing the dishes, and taking care of kids and pets, and and and...
Yes I'm sure it is. In this world I'm sure it is quite a challenge The dream was just the vacation I needed at the time though. It was like another world, perfect in every way. The world we live in here is not so perfect. I think of it as a lot more challenging.

Thank you for your response to my post here.

I am also glad to be out of my stifling 30 year marriage to a straight vanilla guy. There was a lot of good there, but we grew apart. Now I am with a partner who's always been poly and kinky, we're both queer, and I am so much happier!

I'm 55. Got separated from the ex over 2 years ago. Be happy to exchange notes on living poly.
I am 61, living single for the past 12 years, not dating. I live in a very small town... remote from the hussel of the city. I am an artist.
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