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Originally Posted by UntamedHottie View Post
Yes he is also the master in the bedroom in the sexual roleplay terminology. But that really is none of anyones business . . . ~blushes~
If you read some more at this forum, you will see that frank discussion of people's sex lives is quite a substantial part of the sharing that takes place here. We're all anonymous and it is quite refreshing to have such a venue to discuss sex and get clarity on the role it plays in one's life. No one is asking about your situation for their own prurient interest. It is simply that many folks here are very knowledgeable about "alternative" lifestyles such as BDSM or whatever other sexual relationship dynamics there are out there. I learn every time I come here, and it's had a great effect on my sex life. Having a clear picture of what you are into simply allows other participants here to give you more helpful answers. So, no need to blush.
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