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Have you received you final grades for the semester yet?

I hope you had a great holiday season.

So have you and Mal discussed whether or not you are going to pursue the video store chick?

It is tough when you reflect and realize you don't have many friendships of substance locally. I know the feeling all too well since I move every few years to different cities and/or states. I've been in Colorado for two years and hesitate to identify, maybe, three local people as people I could consider friends. They are all 'great' people but I don't know if I would consider them true 'friends' to me. want to work on that self-image. It's hard not to let your mind create its own reality regarding how others see you but we cannot do that. Mainly, we cannot let others' opinons of us hold that much weight in our lives, first and foremost.

Looking forward to your next posting. *hugs*
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