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I have actually mentioned it to her that she is the biggest threat to her relationship, no one else. But too indirectly I think as I still feel it is not my place to say these kind of things even if I am involved in all this.
I have been thinking for a while now if I should just be brutally honest with her about this, no matter how mean it might sound at that time. Perhaps I should just do it sooner rather than later, before she has scuttled her own ship as I really do not wish to see that happen.

She really is poisoning her love with all this distrust.

I'm going to see B tomorrow and I will most likely share these thoughts with him/her and see what conclusion we come to. B is too protective and I am to kind, so I feel we are partially responsible for this. But B also knows that I can not take this forever as this is really taxing and the bad mood I get from this mess affects my other loved ones.

I appreciate your opinions, thank you.
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