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Originally Posted by AneA View Post
This partner has talked about her feelings and fears to us somewhat. Fear of loss is a big one, fear that B will somehow
stop loving her (this is simply not possible and B tries to convince her all the time). She is also recovering from a rather severe eating disorder and feels
inferior when she compares herself to me, and as we know comparing is very bad but so far nothing has helped this either.

Hey Anea,

Isn't it ironic in situations like this that we actually create/bring on the things we are most afraid of because of our choice of actions from fear of them!
We see this all the time in different areas of life - not just relationships.

Maybe you might mention this fact to her ?

She's in a good 'position' at the moment but is threatening to wreck it on her own because of her own actions. Not yours - or anyone else's !

Respect is a big part of many forms of love and the more we do things that diminish our respect the more the love diminishes - or at least starts to morph into different forms.

Maybe a reminder of this will wake her up ?

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