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Untamed, it IS important whether or not you have a Master slave relationship to the type of advice we give you. People keep asking - you keep insinuating it's not our business. Well, yes and no.

If you are engaged in power exchange, your Master may view the denial that's concerning you as part of the power play. If it is, the advice may shift to being a bit more specific about the boundaries of those power dynamics.

Overall, it seems that you're basically ready to accept the terms he's laid out for you, even if grudgingly so. I've never been involved in power exchange play, so I can't speak to how bdsm in the bedroom spills over into daily decision making. Maybe others can have advice for you.

I would have been pretty clear by now what I was willing to accept and not. And, walked away if he couldn't accomodate my basic needs of fairness and courtesy (that you've expressed in your several posts).

Simple advice - separate your needs from you wants. Your needs form your boundaries and negotiate around your wants. Be willing to kiss and say goodbye when your needs can't be met.

I don't know what else would be helpful.
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