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I've used a female "condom". I found them greatly "distracting" and lacking in a sense of intimacy.....even though we integrated them into our lovemaking. He preferred them to male condoms. I didn't. The female condom is kind of a "bag" that has a lot of looseness to it....which is why I'm sure he preferred it for movement/sliding purposes. But, I missed a sense of closer contact which a male condom provides. Also, a female condom has a much larger opening at the top than a male condom. Even though it's supposed to stay on the outer edges/rim of your vagina, it can slip and slide and tip when having intercourse or when trying to remove it after intercourse. So....the potential for exposure to sperm/semen seemed much greater to me than with a male condom. (Although the potential for bursting/breaking seems less.)

As noted....female condoms are NOT recommended for oral sex because they don't fully cover the external part of your genital area.

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