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My friend finally went back to the hospital after a couple of days at Derby's house. She admitted that if she were at home she would of tried again so Derby took her in. She came over afterwards to have a glass of wine and debrief. I drove her home where she was to be the host of the New Years party she was having... crazy fun night today though my friend was sent home! alarming and no one is quite sure what to do with that. Sigh...

My ex wife has been here all week. I took LB to visit her parents yesterday to have tea with them. I have known them for almost 20 years and they were never comfortable with me. Yesterday I think we reached a turning point. They could see how important LB's Auntie is to him and me and I made a point of telling them that she is family to us and therefore so are they. They looked confused, but accepting... they aren't used to people being as honest and open as I am but they didn't hate me for it as they did in the past... they just looked resigned.

I was particularly honoured that I received a book from my ex's father. He was so mean to me and treated his daughter poorly also throughout his life. I could see he was trying and made an attempt to meet him halfway by telling him I was honoured. It was a moving visit all around and continued to deepen the bond our family has with one another in terms of my ex and all of us.
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