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Do you have a master/slave dom/sub relationship with him? Or were you being sarcastic... cause that would really make a difference.

It sounds like you have some negotiating to do. I was told by my husband that if he and I are together then I am not to look at my phone. I realized that if I had to tell him what I was reading then I would be uncomfortable and would feel like I am disrespecting him. I told him that I will check it to see who it is, but if it is about something that I can't say out loud then I won't engage the person... they have to wait. This was find with him and how we do things to this day. We negotiated where the boundary would be that was comfortable...

You chould do this too I think... he has no say in what you do with your life unless you give him control to. I am not sure why you are giving him that control and then complaining about it.

If you don't like it then I suggest talking about it and negotiating until you come to an agreement that works for both of you... he has given his ideas about things, now you can give him yours. You don't think that is fair, so what would be fair? If he doesn't like what you think would work for you then he can see what he can get out of what you say that he does think would work for him... it all inches closer to the boundary... really, if you think about it, it isn't something to be upset about as its a beginning start line. If you chose to see it that way that is.
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