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Originally Posted by NeonKaos View Post
Disingenuous much?

Please spare us already. You said in your introductory post that your knowledge of polyamory comes from some dream you had where you were transported back to the Roman Empire to eat fruit and wear togas while having sex whilst being pimped out by your husband-god-whatever.

That, and you've had two shitty marriages.

So congratulations. You're a self-proclaimed expert on polyamorous relationships. Go, you!

Polyamory is an extremely simple concept. It's not rocket science.

It only requires the ability to have compassion, understanding and love for other human beings, which I can see by your pent up anger that you are having a problem with.

P.S. It was much more than a dream. It was a spiritual awakening.
P.S.S. I consider my marriages to be very successful. I learned a lot and got out with my life. LOL
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