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Originally Posted by ray View Post
Being a bit offended by that statement has nothing to do with being fragile. The problem with the online media is that it can be difficult to grasp the entire context, meaning and feeling behind a statement. When you make a statement, you put it out to be interpreted. Because that's the best we can do. If you feel that your statement is being misconstrued, you could simply try rephrasing it.
I would, but I don't know HOW or WHY anyone would misconstrue or be offended by the statement.

I can speculate that perhaps because I am from a different generation there is a communication gap going on. (I am 61 years old.) Am I too old to be in this forum?

I do speak from experience and I have observed that more women than men give a lot of importance to being "understood." Its a generality of course, but I certainly did not think or intend to offend anyone.

If being offended easily is not being "fragile" emotionally, I don't know what else you would call it. I have learned to be a little more "thick skinned" than I was when I was in my 20's. I forget that younger people are sometimes very sensitive and fragile and it is hard to talk to them frankly.
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