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two failed marriages? ... well I can see why you might struggle with the idea of marriage then. It seems like you think its black or white. Either you marry and suck it up that you are poly or are poly... this is if you think poly is having the ability to responsibly and ethically love more than one; which is what I believe for myself.

I have been in a poly marriage for 10 years this summer... we didn't start out monogamous, didn't make vows that were about monogamy and had a ceremony that included what we thought marriage was to us... We went and signed papers a few months earlier to make it legal so I could pass on my benefits to my husband and so that the kids we wanted would get everything if we died. Turns out a few years later that we could of just lived together and done that according to the common-law laws. Ah well, its done and its all good... and I'm glad we did it.
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