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Originally Posted by FlameKat View Post
As a woman - I also found great offence in the comment "Being a woman myself..."

In the phrasing Olderwoman used it, I thought it was rather inappropriate.

wanting to be understood is not the sole domain of women.


If you find "great offence" in that, then I am wondering if you could handle my honest conversation or any of my kind of real truth.

(I seriously thought you were joking.)

Is everyone else in this forum is that delicate and fragile?

People are so quick to jump to conclusions about me on this forum without taking the time to get to know me.

You misunderstand my words, and my intentions and you judge me and take offense at very little.

When you lose the opportunity to know someone you lose a lot.

There is no way I can be "all knowing" and know what any given person is going to take offense of.

I will speak my mind and my truth anyway. You are responsible for your reactions and I am responsible for mine.

I have found no love on this polyamory "love' forum.
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