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Last, there's nothing about being open about relationships that requires sharing details of interactions with other partners. That statement also highlights that you don't do poly and have no understanding of what it is you're speaking of. I'm not certain what it is you think you're criticizing by offering that up, though I know it doesn't apply to polyamory in general.
I never claimed that I "do poly."

Are you here to learn about poly? I'll suggest refraining from trying to criticize polyamory until you have a better understanding of it.
I am not criticizing polyamory. (why do you think I did that?) I did criticize monogamy and marriage, but not polyamory. (My first impression is that everyone has a different take on what it is. )

I believe I have a very good understanding of it. I'm sure there are as many different poly situations and relationships as there are people on this forum, but over all, the concept is not a difficult one to understand. Like monogamy, I'm sure it has it problems.
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