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Originally Posted by Olderwoman View Post
I hate to be the bringer of bad news but your expectations are impossible.

Nobody can know "all of you completely and honestly."

Being a woman myself I do understand the desire to be understood. I have always wanted to be "understood" completely. But that is just not possible. The reason is, that we don't even understand ourselves.

Also, if you are not willing to be completely honest,(for fear of hurting him) the chances of him (or anyone) knowing you completely are even more impossible.

He (your significant other) is not superman, nor is he a mindreader, nor is he an all knowing deity. He cannot know you completely.

I would say, don't set unrealistic goals for your relationship. You will never get there. Just have faith and love.
"Being a woman myself" - Please leave your sexist comments for elsewhere please.

I understand myself completely fine. Better than anyone could known me. I wouldn't stop them from knowing me. If they ask the questions, I will give the answers... But yes, nobody can know you complately, because some of those questions will just never be asked. But to be fair, they really can't be all that important if it never comes up in conversation.

Don't have unrealistic goals? Yet have faith? Faith is an unrealistic goal. Faith is believing everything will be just fine in the end. Wrong. You have to work at knowing each other and knowing how each other works, so that you don't mess things up.

As to answer the original post, I would never say it is too much. I would be completely honest about everything. If they found it to be too much information, too bad. Some people just can't handle the truth or don't want to accept it. They shouldn't ask the questions if they don't want to hear the answers.
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