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Originally Posted by Olderwoman View Post
Okay then, you already know the answers to your questions and the solutions to your problem and you are just expressing yourself. Perhaps I should have known that (as you do wax a bit philosophical.)

I see the question you pose and I also see that you do not need or want anyone to actually answer it.

(Why then would you want anyone else's opinion I wonder.)

Good luck in your journey.
Because I do... I like to learn things and possibly stand corrected if my opinions are flawed.

Strangely enough that comes from inviting others to comment on the question that I have already answered based on my own values... in order to verify or find the flaws in my own judgement I seek the opinions and experiences of others. Much in the same way I could ask about which is the best tea - I already know what I like - however am willing to try something else if it sounds nice, I might like it too, or even like it more... life tends to be more interesting when you do not assume that your opinion and answer is the only way to go.

I do not seek to be attacked via your own personal assumptions of my question (which I did clarify for you twice) or your assumptions of my character.

You seem to be incapable of hearing that I was asking for opinions and other's experiences - not an answer or solution as such.
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